Tools for Re-Opening Dining Post COVID-19

As clubs begin to re-open and welcome back members, we want to help prepare you as the way your dining rooms operate have undoubtedly changed. As we learned with the re-opening of tee times, the temporary norm will require changes to your website’s configuration. Below you will find some helpful tools and advice for properly planning the re-opening of your dining facilities. And as we saw with golf, your members are itching to get back and ready to enjoy the club!

Adjust Your Hours per Meal Period and For Member Display

While it would be amazing to swiftly and seamlessly reopen all dining rooms when the time comes, we know that is probably not a reality. Along with rehiring staff, communicating new cleaning guidelines, and everything else it takes to reopen table service, it's very likely you may open with limited hours and meal periods. These tools will help you adjust accordingly to ensure your dining venue is offering the new days and times of service. To preserve your current settings, we recommend that you copy an existing meal period and deactivate the original meal period for later use.

Limit Headcounts per Meal Period

As things open, more than likely social distancing will remain in place. This will affect how many tables can be offered, and therefore limit the number of covers you can provide during your meal periods.

Creating New Dining Venues

If capacity to dining rooms is restricted, it may be possible to “introduce” new and unique dining venues to accommodate all your members. If you explore offering table service in new locations, we recommend you create new dining venues to assist with logistics and operations.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about MembersFirst Dining or to learn about how others customers are using our solutions during this time.