MembersFirst Holiday Help Center

The holiday season will have a unique look in 2020, and thinking ahead is more important than ever. Take-home ordering, limiting reservations, and effective communication will likely be crucial parts of the operation. Maybe this will be your first time taking online orders… Or maybe you've done it before but want to make the process stronger with automated pricing and inventory calculations.

We're here to support you… And that's why we've created this "Holiday Help Center" where you can find everything you need in one place. If you have questions about these or other topics, don't hesitate to reach out to your Client Service Manager.

Whether you offer take-home orders every holiday season or are making a special exception for 2020, your MembersFirst website can help you take the entire ordering process online. There are options anywhere from a simple request form, to a more robust option with automated price calculations.
Due to increased demand, social distancing protocols, limited staff, or a combination of these, you may be looking to limit orders per pick-up day/time. To do so, first create your take-home form, then use MembersFirst Enhanced Registrations to create an event (or daily events) with time slots. Link to your form from the event's post-registration "Thank You" page, as well as the email confirmation. Finally, direct members to access online orders by registering through the website calendar.
Your holiday events may look different this year, but our Enhanced Registrations can make things easier. Configure events with time slots, member-only registrations, waitlists, and even a registrant "lottery" to keep things fair when seating is limited.

Consolidated (and visually appealing!) communication is the best way to keep your members in the loop this holiday season. Your MembersFirst Email Builder gives you the ability to send a "Holiday Newsletter" so members can scroll and find everything they need in one place. In addition, your pre-built Holiday Email Templates are a time-saving solution for any quick updates or reminders you need to send.

You can also send automated emails a specified number of days (1 week, 2 days, 1 day, etc.) before your event and dining reservations. These reminders can include the Club's current COVID guidelines, special instructions, and any other information members and guests should know. If this information changes over time, you can easily update the message. In addition, if your Club has the MembersFirst Mobile App, you can include a Push Notification sent at the same time as your emailed reminder.

As the seasons change, your dining configuration may need to be updated. Whether you are closing your outdoor dining venues, utilizing indoor "flex spaces" to accommodate additional tables, or adjusting your headcount allowance, you will want to make sure your Dining Reservations reflect the Club's current offerings.