The 5 Ws When Approaching Your Communications

Who - Is your membership categorized using member types, statuses, and activities? Use this information to send emails to a specific group, or a combination of multiple. Every club is configured differently, but your Client Services Manager is eager to provide guidance.

What - Break your emails into easy-to-scan sections using our email builder. This helps members quickly find the information they find interesting and useful. WATCH: Using the Email Builder

Where - Where are you trying to increase interest in the club? Use our Mailing Lists to help keep your prospects organized and send specific messaging. HOW TO: Create a New Mailing List

When - Think ahead! Come up with a plan, and schedule emails to send at a date/time in the future. More Thinking Ahead Ideas

Why - Why not automate some of the work you’re doing manually today? With our new  Distribution Groups, it only takes one click to add a predefined recipient list to your emails. Our new Automated Recurring Messages allow you to target members with reservation reminders, happy birthday emails, and more.